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Wood Window Installation

From their natural, traditional appearance to their excellent insulation, wood windows are at the forefront of many homeowners’ minds when it comes to remodeling. Today’s wood windows are energy-efficient, customizable, and long-lasting. While vinyl remains exceedingly popular, wood has most definitely made a comeback.

Aesthetically, installing wood windows is always a winning choice, especially if you’re leaning toward creating a traditional look. Depending on the architectural style of your home, you might find that hiring a wood window contractor is essential. Some older buildings come with the caveat that you must use only certain materials when remodeling. If wood is one of them, you’ll need a professional who knows what they’re doing.

When it comes down to tailoring the way your property looks, wood is also a material that’s difficult to beat. After installing wood windows, you’ll find that painting them doesn’t require the same degree of skill as when you attempt to customize fiberglass. As such, they’re relatively low-hassle when it comes to revamping their appearance. Despite being a material that can break down easily under some circumstances, when well maintained, wood frames do have the potential to last 30 years. If you want to know more about how long yours will last, ask a wood window contractor.

What Defines Wood Windows?

As the name suggests, wood windows are windows that rest within wooden frames. They’re environmentally-friendly, especially when compared to vinyl windows. While it is necessary turn to natural resources in order to make them, the manufacturing process itself requires fewer chemicals and creates no by-products, making them much kinder to the environment.

Wood is one of nature’s best insulators. This is excellent news if you’re looking for an installation that’ll keep your energy costs down—whether by maintaining a cool home in the summertime, or a warm and cozy one in the winter. Couple wood windows with window treatments and double-glazed glass, and you’ll have an altogether winning combination for insulation success.

For many, wood is the preeminent option for maintaining their home’s traditional exterior. However, wood’s versatility means you can create practically any look you want. With a splash of vibrant color and the right finish, wood can look modern or traditional. Give it a distressed look and you’ll find yourself with an industrial-chic, or rustic effect. When it comes to design, the only limit is your imagination (or that of your wood window contractor).

Benefits of Wood Windows

Some of the best wood window benefits are the most obvious. For example, they’re easy to customize, so if you change your mind about the initial design, you can make a few tweaks to get what you want. Other perks to installing wood windows include:

  • As they’re such excellent insulators, you’re lowering your home’s carbon output over time. If you’re choosing a wood window installation because staying green is important to you, you may enjoy knowing that your choice will benefit the planet for years to come.
  • When you choose a high-performance material such as maple, you can do so safe in the knowledge that it will last much longer. With fewer repairs ahead, your investment becomes incredibly cost-efficient.

Installing wood windows doesn’t just mean making an eco-friendly and attractive choice for your home. You’re opening yourself up to a world of versatility, and choosing a material that is a favorite of many.

Connect with an Wood Window Contractor

If you’re still unsure whether wood will work for you, speak to a contractor today! We are happy meet with you in your home to discuss your replacement needs and provide you with pricing information. We are committed to offering you the highest quality service in the industry, and consultations are always free.

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