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Home Window Replacement Services

Serving Portland and the surrounding areas

Replacement Windows

Sometimes, repairing a window isn't enough. Like many parts of your home, your windows have a shelf life. When they reach their expiration date, you may need to consider replacing them. While investing in replacement windows may seem like a huge expense, you needn't worry. Without sacrificing quality, our team will take the most cost-efficient approach to fulfill your home window replacement needs.

If you take pride in your property's appearance, you'll love the aesthetic benefits that come with replacement windows. Once that beautiful new frame and double glazed glass unit are in place, your home's exterior will dazzle.

On the more practical side of things, you'll reduce drafts and noise, combat condensation, and eliminate leaks. The result? Your home is quieter, safer, and more comfortable.

Reasons to replace your windows

If your windows are showing signs of deterioration due to aging, then the option for window replacement would be beneficial. You will find that window replacement reduces the risk of air and water leaks, condensation, and the development of mold.

Other reasons to replace your windows include:

Window replacement costs

It's difficult to quantify just how much your window replacement cost would be. However, on average, you could expect to pay between $400 and $2,000 per window. Many factors influence your residential window replacement costs. Your costs may depend on the type of frame you want, where the windows are located, the type of glass you need, and which manufacturer is best for your needs.

Our team is here to provide you with a free consultation that'll identify the most cost-friendly solution for you. At the same time, we strive to achieve the highest of standards, providing you with a home window replacement service you'll enjoy for years to come.

Window Brands

At Clear Choice, we want to provide customers in Portland and the surrounding areas with the best high-end products available. As such, we work with the following window brands:

We choose each of our suppliers based on their ability to meet our high standards. Because of this, you'll enjoy replacement windows and window repairs that'll last for years to come.


Window Materials

At Clear Choice, we work with a range of window materials. As a result, we can help find the type that meets your home's aesthetic and practical purposes. Our window materials include:

If you want to learn more about your options, you can always speak to a member of our design team.


Durable, inexpensive, and easy to maintain, vinyl window frames are made from extruded and tempered PVC and are available in a broad selection of colors. Most types of vinyl frame are designed with a hollow core to reduce heat loss and condensation.


Fiberglass windows offer unmatched durability and versatility, built to perform throughout the years with the ability to withstand heavy and frequent use. Many manufacturers have embraced glass recycling techniques in fiberglass production, making it an environmentally responsible option with many factory colors for both interior and exterior unlike white or tan interior for vinyl.


The traditional material for window construction, wood provides excellent insulation against temperature and condensation while offering classic natural beauty. Wood windows are generally sold unfinished, allowing the purchaser to stain or paint them to taste. Wood frames tend to have a shorter operating life than synthetic materials, and provide limited fire resistance.


Lighter, more durable, and easier to handle than wood, aluminum windows are long-lasting and available in a wide variety of colors. Aluminum provides superior weather resistance, but generally requires a layer of vinyl or foam composite to reduce heat loss, which is known as a thermal break system.

Types of windows

Would you like to explore the different types of windows available? Well, we're here to take you on a journey through your options.

Sliding Windows: Sliding windows are the most popular choice of windows and operate by sliding to the left or right. This creates a large opening for air to flow through.

Double Vent Sliding Windows: Double vent sliding windows have three sections. They contain one picture window and a sliding section on each side. The picture window allows for great visibility while the sliding sections provide plenty of ventilation.

Single Hung Windows: Single hung windows slide vertically from the bottom of the window, allowing air to flow through the bottom vent

Double Hung Windows: Double hung windows are vertical sliders in which both panes move up and down. This allows hot air to escape through the top portion while allowing cool air in through the bottom. This movement also makes cleaning the exterior of the windows much easier.

Casement Windows: Casement windows attach to their frame using hinges in a variety of locations. These hinges let the window swing outward, similar to a door. Because of this, casement windows are great for allowing air flow.

Bay Windows: Bay windows are ideal for window seats and are well-loved for their charm.

Garden Windows: Garden windows create an atmosphere within your home that is perfect for growing herbs and vegetables. The top and side portions of glass allow plenty of sunlight in, while keeping harsh UV rays out.


Picture Window


Stationary fixed panes of glass providing excellent light and views. Picture window do not open.

Slider Window


Horizontal gliders often referenced as sliders with one fixed pane and one (at times more) operable pane.

Single Hung

Single Hung

Similar to a double-hung window, a single-hung model has only one moving sash, not two.

Double Hung

Double Hung

A window system that consists of two operable sash's that operate, a top sash and a lower sash.

Casement Window


An operable window hinged on either the left or the right, casement style windows open like doors.

Awning Window


Hinged on top and open outward, enabling ventilation without letting in rain or falling leaves.

Garden Window


Garden windows extend out from the house and generally have an interior shelf for plants and herbs.

Bay Window


A combination of three or more angled windows make up our classic bay and bow windows.

Special Shape

Special Shape

This category has no limits and often can be built based on drawings we submit.

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