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Home Window Installation

When you’re in need of window installers who get the job done right the first time, call Clear Choice Construction. We proudly serve residents throughout Oregon, providing them with window installations that last for years to come.

While looking for window installers in Portland and the surrounding areas, make sure to area, our window installers are adept at working with properties of all types. As such, no job is too big or too small, allowing them to complete your work promptly. While we always strive to provide an efficient home window installation, we never sacrifice quality. By paying attention to the smallest of details, our window installers ensure your windows are secure and aesthetically pleasing.

How do I find window installation near me?

Our mission is to ensure you find a service that’s right for you. So, if you’re wondering “How do I find quality window installation near me?” you should focus on these essential factors:

At Clear Choice Construction, we provide free quotes and consultation. During this process, we’ll chat with you to figure out what your home needs. By working together, we can find a solution that’s ideal for your property.

What are the benefits of installing new windows?

Over time, your windows may age. If this happens, you’ll find that you may experience condensation, sagging materials, and a general lack of aesthetic appeal. Your windows will also become thermally inefficient and possibly unsafe. Replacing your windows can correct these issues, making your home quieter, safer, and more comfortable..

Window Installation Types

We provide multiple window installation types and learning more about them may help you understand what's best for your home. Our approaches include:

Sash Pocket Installation

Common in older homes with existing wood window sashes.

Nail Flange Installation

Standard in newer homes. If your existing windows were installed with a nail flange, it will require a nail flange installation.

Sash Pocket Installation

Common in older homes with existing wood window sashes.

Block Installation

If the structures that surround your windows include brick, rock, or concrete, you'll need a block installation.

Regardless of which installation type we use for your home, you can rest assured our craftsmen will carry out their best work with fantastic results.

Window Installation Benefits and Results

Dual paned windows reduce the amount of noise around your house. You can further this noise reduction by offsetting the thickness of the glass used.

Residential Door Installation

Whether it's the entry door that rests at the front of your property or one of the many that allow you to move between rooms, your home's doors are an essential part of your life. In addition to keeping you safe, they maintain privacy, and help improve your home's curb appeal.

At Clear Choice Construction, our door installers have years of experience. As such, they have the skills required to work with properties of all types. Whether you're in need of sliding doors that'll lead to your yard or a new entry door with a fresh locking system, we're the team for your job.

Reliable door installation in Portland

In addition to providing doors that make your property secure, we want to ensure your home is eco-friendly. Similar to windows, doors that don't fit properly can make your energy bills soar. Years of exposure to heat and moisture cause wooden doors to rot, warping the material and allowing drafts to flow through. As experts in the area of residential door installation, we can identify the problems you're currently experiencing and address them with a new door that compliments your home.

Door Installation Types

Did you know that there are various door installation types to choose from? Finding the right one for your property is critical for several reasons. From matching the tone of your property's design to finding a fit that keeps you secure, our expert door installers are here to help.

Some of the door installation types we use include:

And more

In addition to providing lots of different door types, we work with high-end brands. As such, you can rest assured you'll benefit from our residential door installations for years to come.

The Installation Process and Results

Once you've chosen the Clear Choice team to install your doors, we'll visit your home to take some measurements. From there, we'll create the right doors for your property and contact you to set an installation date. We understand that you want to complete your project quickly, which is why we use the most efficient processes for your door installation needs.

At the same time, we never compromise quality. As such, your results will last for many years to come. To ensure this happens, our Install Manager will take a final walkthrough of your property to make sure everything meets our high standards.

This is a method of installation where the windows are installed and attached directly to the structure.

Contact Us

Our installation teams are made up of professional craftsmen who take pride in the work they perform. Through the entirety of the window replacement process, Clear Choice will be communicative, honest, professional, and responsive. We have found that these traits allow us to fulfill our mission to you: that you will become a lifelong Clear Choice customer.

You may call us at (503) 643-3887 to discuss any one of these types of window installations for your window replacement project.

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