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Our Brands

Get a clearer idea of the Clear Choice selection of windows, doors and installation services by visiting our window showroom.  Clear Choice Construction offers a wide variety of windows and finishes. From Simonton Windows to popular brands like Milgard, Cascade and Western, the sky’s the limit on your decorative choices.  At Clear Choice, we’ve seen that the beauty of interiors and the elegance of exteriors depends on the attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship and a dedication to delivering a job well done. When you visit our showroom, you have the chance to experience just how much difference a detail like the type of frame, a window's location or the type of glass can make to your overall design. See our preferred partner brands in action in our showroom and bring your most pressing window questions to our experts in-house. We’re opening our doors to help you install yours.  Why is Clear Choice the clear choice for your windows and doors? Visit our spacious show room today and find out for yourself!

Simonton Windows & Doors

Window Materials available: Vinyl

For us, Simonton Windows was a clear choice in a brand partner. Not only are we proud to work with an industry leader, but Simonton is also a preferred brand manufacturer that upholds our customer promise of high-quality installations. Every vinyl window and door installation by Simonton is built to last, with a focus on quality materials that improve a home’s energy efficiency and elevate its style. For Simonton, variety in styles is a priority: Their arsenal of window and door designs include beautiful geometric windows, comfortable bay or bow windows, elegant garden windows and essential casement, and single hung and double hung windows. Simonton Window & Doors has spent the last 70 years dedicating their time and talent to building a portfolio of exceptional window and door installation projects, as well as innovation geared towards providing a superior product. With the selection of a Simonton window, you can count on low-maintenance, custom design installations, all backed by industry-led warranties.

Milgard Windows & Doors

Window Materials available: Vinyl, Fiberglass, Aluminium

Milgard Windows and Doors are for those individuals who have an eye for details and want to infuse cutting-edge materials manufacturing with the aesthetic of classic design. To bring a different level of commitment to their promise, Milgard has gone back to the drawing board, addressing quality right at its source: the company focuses on manufacturing their own vinyl compound so they can deliver on their principles of quality and consistency over time — every time. We work with Milgard Windows and Doors because their professional dedication to the process of developing a superior, more durable vinyl window is unparalleled. Milgard Windows and Doors come equipped with the latest coating technology, which preserves the exterior finish and makes a vinyl window or patio door look new for years. The brand is also exacting in its release of specific themes such as the Montecito Series, the Quiet Line Series, and the Style Line Series, each with their own distinctive features. Their exotic Tuscany Series windows, for example, bring performance and energy efficiency with a design that allows equal sightlines and a wider frame profile that mimics a traditional wood window.

Cascade Windows & Doors

Window Materials available: Vinyl

For 25 years, Cascade Windows and Doors have been the preferred partner for many a homeowner, builder and designer alike. Why? Maybe it has something to do with their simple, sleek aesthetic and their constant focus on sustainability. Besides producing a more energy-efficient door and window that meets the ENERGY STAR® Qualification Criteria for Residential Windows, Cascade Windows and Doors seeks to promote a “100% recycled” culture with its production materials while creating products that have structural integrity. Cascade Doors and Windows focuses on offering a curated selection of window designs, including 4 basic style grids, which can be custom-sized, in a variety of exterior colors, with plenty of options for a more durable spacer system. This brand manufacturer also features folding doors and patio doors which are designed for maximum year-round comfort, in a selection of attractive and distinctive styles.

Infinity Windows & Doors

Window Materials available: Fiberglass

The Infinity Series by Marvin Family of Brands is a line of Ultrex fiberglass replacement doors and windows that are innovatively designed to incorporate the details of traditional wood — without the upkeep and maintenance required. The Infinity series of windows and doors are not only energy efficient, but they’re also easy to clean and a breeze to operate. Besides the use of Ultrex fiberglass, the secret to the flexibility of Infinity is “EverWood”, an exclusive wood grain interior option that can be stained to match a homeowner’s existing woodwork. These windows and doors are an investment that can truly be considered a home improvement.

Marvin Windows & Doors

Window Materials available: Wood

The motto of the Marvin Family of Brands is ‘Windows to Elevate your Every Day’ — and that’s exactly what they strive to do. Choose this manufacturer if time-honored, family-honed traditions, talent, and expertise are what you’re looking for in your choice of doors and windows. The choices offered by the Marvin Family of Brands focuses on pulling together aesthetic, function and durability. Marvin is the preferred brand for new constructions and remodels because of the deep roots the brand has within the manufacturing industry as well as the relationships they have cultivated over the years with architects, suppliers, designers, homeowners, and builders. In other words, Marvin’s designs know their customer’s frustrations as well as their desires intimately. They should know — they’ve been at it since 1960, and they’re still growing strong.

Western Windows & Doors

Window Materials available: Aluminum

To give their customers options that align with their everyday lives, without completely overwhelming them, Western Window Systems focused on developing three specific lines. The first is The Classic Line. This line offers high-quality disappearing glass walls and windows that combine exceptional performance with clean design. Next is the Performance Line – moving glass walls and windows that address energy and structural requirements. Finally, there’s the Simulated Steel Line, a line of cleverly manufactured aluminum moving glass walls and windows that look and feel like steel without the price tag.  It’s this responsive dedication to their end users that makes Western Window Systems one of our preferred brand partners. They have one leg in the traditional industry of windows and doors and an internal culture that feels like a young, innovative, tech-driven start-up.

Contact Us Today!

Clear Choice customers know that our focus is on building a relationship, listening to your needs and delivering a tailored solution that aligns with your budget and style. We offer every project a detail-oriented, honest and professional service that assists you in addressing your issues, receiving the highest energy rebate possible, and keeping our costs as competitive as possible. Before you settle on a look and feel, visit us at our showroom and take a look at the variety of options available to you. See each brand’s unique value prop in action and consult with us about what your specific needs are. Check out our showroom today!

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