doggiedoorIs your cat sitting inside bored all day long? Is your dog chewing up your leather boots because there’s nothing better for her to do? Maybe your critter needs a pet door! Consider: it’s easy for us humans to come and go as we please, but our pets on the other hand (at least, the majority of them) just aren’t able to open the door up and let themselves out for a breath of fresh air.


We Have Options for Romantics, too!

Oh, that night wind whistling through your bedroom window as you fall asleep–isn’t it romantic? And that foggy condensation that gathers upon your kitchen window—doesn’t gazing through it remind you of childhood daydreaming? Often the reason we fall in love with our home is due to the nostalgia its time-worn windows and doors evoke. Unfortunately, our love for those original windows and doors may keep us turning a blind eye to their obvious problems—and to the necessity for window and door replacements.


Filter Out Your Lint

Coffee FiltersIf you’re frustrated with lint clinging to your new home windows, try wiping them down with a coffee filter. Unlike using cloth or paper towels which weren’t designed with lint-free cleaning in mind, cleaning your home windows with coffee filters gives you the streak-free gleam you’re after without leaving the specks of fluff and fuzz behind.


Lemon VinegarWe all know there are hundreds of window cleaning products on the market that promise to protect your windows and make them sparkle and shine, but so many of these products contain toxic chemicals, or are created by companies with much less than admirable environmental track records. So when you’re sprucing up your yard this spring and notice your windows could use a cleaning, consider eschewing the store bought cleaners for homemade and natural products.


Spring time a great time to give your house a pressure washing. But watch out for your home windows!


Reasons why homeowners replace their windows:

Lower Energy Bills — In an average home, windows are the culpit behind 40% of all energy and heat loss.

New, energy efficient windows can eliminate annoying drafts and make your home feel warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer. Just as important, new windows can drastically reduce “street noise,” and provide a level of comfort you’ve never enjoyed before.

Greater Durability — Today’s energy efficient windows are simply better built than the windows of yesteryear. Through their superior design and manufacture, they’re able to control or eliminate the condensation that can cause premature deterioration of windows and wood sills. So new windows can save you money on maintenance and replacement costs.

Enhanced Curb Appeal & Home Value — Windows and doors are the only features that can raise both the interior and exterior value of your home. By replacing your old windows, not only can you increase the comfort of your home, you can also increase its resale value. First impressions aren’t everything, but they are important!

Improved Safety & Security — Recent advancements in window design have produced windows that are more secure than ever. Added locking features provide extra protection from intruders, delivering greater peace of mind whether you are at home or away.

Properly installed windows can provide a lifetime of comfort, value and energy savings. No one knows that better than Clear Choice Windows & Doors.

We’re window experts who care about the details — and care about our customers. We install only the highest quality, insulated windows and doors, and utilize only the best installation procedures and products.

Other companies may sound the same, but there’s only one Clear Choice Windows & Doors. We’re not a part of any national chain or franchise program. We’re independently owned and operated, and have been serving Portland and Southwest Washington since 2002. No hard sell, no selling you products you don’t need. Just honest, professional service from a company that cares about the quality of our work and the way we do business.

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The best relief for your home from hot summer temperatures is of course, shade-providing trees and plants. But, as these often take years to mature, they can’t provide an immediate cooling solution. Meanwhile, even homes with ample natural shade still need relief from the heat.

Thankfully, long term relief from the heat is available to you right now by way of Low-E glass—an energy efficient, low emissivity glass window that provide the best protection available against solar heat gain in your home.

Low-E glass windows (such as Milgard SunCoat and Cardinal 366) are designed to reject the sun’s heat and block harmful UV rays. These windows protect your home’s fabrics and furnishing against fading, reduce your energy bills, qualify you for energy tax credits, and provide insulation all year round—so that you’re comfortable and cozy whatever the season.

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If you’re like most Portland homeowners, you’d probably rather sit in a hot car in the desert than go up to your attic in the summertime. But you can avoid an overheated attic (and the problems that come with it)…with proper ventilation!

While the rest of your house may be a cool, air-conditioned 70°F, summertime temperatures in a poorly ventilated attic can soar to over 130°F. Without proper attic ventilation, extreme, trapped heat can negatively impact the comfort of the rest of your home, lessen the life of the roofing above you, and result in trapped condensation.

Nature dictates that when two extreme temperatures meet—such as the hot sun on your roof and the cool air inside your home—condensation occurs. Over time, this on-going build-up of trapped condensation can lead to moisture, mold, and rot problems throughout your home. Natural air flow in a well-ventilated attic, on the other hand, moves excess heat out, protecting roofing, lowering energy bills, and decreasing the chances of moisture and mold.

Attic ventilation isn’t a magical cure-all for the overheated home, but it will go a long to preventing sub-tropical indoor conditions! The goal is to keep the ventilated attic as close to the outside temperature as possible.

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Here are some helpful window and door cleaning tips: Never use petroleum-based cleaners or high pressure water hoses for your windows and patio doors. They may damage the glass surface or insulating seal.
Your best bet? A mild dish soap and water with a soft cloth >> Window and Door Care