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Each fall, as the weather turns chilly and the first coats of frost paint the world crystalline, customers who have recently had new windows installed call us up with a worried tone in their voice to say, “Oh no, my windows are failing! There’s condensation on them!”

There are too many junk articles about windows out there! Some are clearly baloney— pure content filler. Some are less transparent in their nonsense. Even Angie’s List, a reputable, multi-million dollar home services website, contains inaccurate and out-of-date information. As with so much content on the Internet, one must trawl through a ridiculous amount of questionable […]

Windows need to be replaced when they need to be replaced. Of course, it’s easy to ignore that they need replacing when you’re lazing about your cool, shady home in the summertime with no thought of winter’s bitter chill. But then comes fall again, and there’s that draft, and that condensation, and that mildew (and […]

Since double pane windows do such a great job of protecting against hot, cold, drafts, noise, condensation, etc., then triple pane should do an even better job, right? The answer is…not really. “More” just doesn’t always equate with “better,” and in this case that is doubly (or would it be triply?) true.

How is your window search going? Sort of exasperating? It’s understandable considering how vast the world of windows is. Not all choices are equal, and discerning which high-end window is right for your home is neither a quick nor a simple task. You want a window that emphasizes the unique character and beauty of your […]

Great article from HGTV: 8 Types of Windows From bay windows to casements, learn about your options before purchasing. What Are Your Needs? There are many different types of windows that make up the construction of your house. Windows allow natural light to flood your rooms during the day and let in air to keep […]

Leaving your A/C on throughout the summer months can be just as costly as winter heating, but you can reduce your high summer energy bills by following these energy saving tips: For maximum ventilation, open windows both high and low in your home. Doing so pulls cool air in from down low and releases hot […]

There’s so much to enjoy about an indoor/outdoor living space. Whether the effect is achieved through sliding patio doors, French hinged doors, or other clever remodeling innovations, when your indoor living space is connected with the outdoors, the seamless flow between home and garden will lift the spirits and create a sense of roominess and […]

Windows serve many more functions that one might initially think. They are not simply the medium by which the sunlight enters into our home, they are also moderators of airflow, heat and cold, an accessory to our home’s beauty, and our view to the outside world. When considering purchasing new window replacements, follow these three […]

Before and after photos are a great way to see how big of an impact vinyl replacement windows can make on your home. Not only do they offer less visible benefits, such as increased energy efficiency, protection from UV rays and noise reduction, but you can choose from vinyl window styles and custom options to […]