Double Pane vs Triple Pane Replacement Windows


Trying to decide between Double and Triple pane replacement windows?  The upgrade from Single Pane to Double-Pane windows is obvious. Insulated Glass protects against heat, cold, draft, noise, moisture, and other elements. Triple-pane windows ought to perform even better based on that reasoning, right?

The solution is not at obvious as it sounds. Windows don't come in a "one-size-fits-all" package. What's ideal for you is determined by a variety of elements that are particular to your house and circumstances.

This guide is for you if you're in the market for new windows and are debating between purchasing double- or triple-paned windows.

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Energy Savings

Most American homes lose 40% of their heat and energy through their windows. By updating your windows, you can start to reduce that figure and keep more of your money in your wallet.

Double and triple-pane windows are excellent choices when it comes to protecting your home from the elements and lowering your energy expenses.

Here is how it works.

Double-Pane windows

90% of energy will be reflected by a typical double-pane window, and only 10% will pass through.

For instance, on a hot day, only 10% of the sun's heat will enter the house, while 90% will remain outside. On the other hand, on a cool day, 90% of the heat in your house will remain inside, and only 10% will escape.

Triple Pane Windows

The typical triple pane window reflects 97% of energy, allowing only 3% to come through.

On a cold day, 97% of the heat in your home will stay in your home, while 3% will sneak out. In the summer, hot days won’t affect the temperature inside, with only 3% of your AC leaking through your windows.

If insulation and energy savings are your top priority, and you live in an extreme or fluctuating climate, triple-pane windows will be the superior choice. However, keep in mind that for the average homeowner, double-pane windows are sufficient and do a great job of insulating your home.


Soundproofing your house could be a top priority if you live in a more populated region, such as a city or close to a busy road. Even if you reside outside of the city, you might share your home with a noisy family, a barking dog, or even the loud one yourself!

Whatever your situation may be, New windows can help with your soundproofing needs

Double-Pane windows

In comparison to single-pane windows, double-pane windows do reduce noise. The average sound transmission class (STC) rating for this kind of window is from 26 to 32, which is quiet enough to keep your house quiet.

Triple-Pane Windows

The extra layer of glass offers some noise reduction… but not as much as you might think. Because triple-pane windows have very little space between each pane of glass, they actually have the same STC rating as double-pane windows.

Remember: Whether you’re installing double or triple-pane windows, their ability to keep your home quiet is largely dependent on proper and professional installation.


In any neighborhood, your windows need to provide an extra layer of security to your home — whether it’s withstanding a rogue falling tree branch in a windstorm or protecting you against a burglar.

Here’s how these two types of windows stack up.

Double Pane Window

Double-pane windows are quite secure. In order to break through your window, the object or person in question would need to break through two sheets of glass.

Triple Pane Windows

Triple-pane glass provides even more security. More glass equals more work for any kind of intruder. This window type is also much heavier than others and is much more resistant to damage.

The most important security factor will come down to the type of glass used in your windows. Always work with a professional, top-tier window installer to ensure you get the best brands and installation possible.


It bears repeating: correct window installation is crucial. This holds true whether you select a window with double or triple panes.

Nevertheless, be aware that the installation procedure differs for windows with double and triple panes. There are some significant variances, in fact. The windows' size and weight are crucial factors.

Double Pane Windows

A double-pane window can already be installed in the majority of windows. Proper installation is crucial to guarantee the appropriate fit, seal, and functionality of your window.

Triple Pane Windows

Windows with three panes are bigger. Your windows may need to be adjusted so that they can structurally support the extra pane. Overall, installing this kind of glass is much more challenging.

Always have your windows professionally installed by a licensed and competent window contractor, regardless of the style of window you select.

Natural Lighting

There’s nothing quite as lovely as a naturally-lit home. And of course, the more windows, the more natural lighting! How do your windows affect the flow of light in your home?

Double Pane Windows

You still get excellent natural illumination even with the additional layer of glass that allows light to pass through. Double-pane windows will expertly shield your house from energy loss while letting in light.

Triple Pane Windows

The sun must pass through more layers if there are three panes of glass. So, sure, there is a very slight variation in natural light between triple and double pane windows.

In terms of natural lighting, the number of glass panes in your window generally won't make much of a difference; the window frame you select will have a bigger impact on the lighting flow. To determine your home's best option and natural light, speak with your window contractor.

So… What Type Of Window Is Best For You?

Still not sure if you need a double-pane window or a triple-pane window? Clear Choice is Portland’s window replacement experts, so you don’t have to be.

We’ll listen to your needs, take a look at your home, and explain your options. Our estimators will provide you with a recommendation on the best type of window as well as the right window material for your property.

Most importantly, with over 40 years of experience, we know how to install your windows correctly the first time around. We offer great attention to detail, high-quality service, and amazing results.

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